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New Skytrain Lines


TransLink announced recently its plans for two new trail lines in Metro Vancouver: the Broadway extension of the Millennium Line, and the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT project.

Plans also include doubling SeaBus services on Sundays and holidays, and adding more frequent services during peak times on the Expo, Millennium, and Canada skytrain lines. TransLink noted that these are just the first of a series of announcements the company plans to announce over the next few years.

The Broadway extension will extend the Millennium line from its current endpoint on to Broadway and Main, and then continue west to Arbutus Street. This plan is intended to alleviate pressure on the current 99 B-Line route.

Officials have also proposed extended the Millennium Line all the way to UBC, but ultimately decided that aiding the 99 B-Line was more pressing a matter.

Public consultation on the projects begins in late January.

Where else would you like to see additions to transit?


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