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January newsletter!

I always consider January the "fresh start" month.  Holidays are behind us and now is the perfect time to look ahead to the new year.  Stick with me and let's declutter, get organized and put some great systems in place for 2017!


Each month we will cover 3 topics – Home Organizing, Move Management & Downsizing, and Office Productivity & Time Management.
With this fresh start theme, here are a few articles I picked for this special January newsletter.

If you haven't packed up your holiday decor yet, be sure to check out my Tips & Tricks: How To Organize & Store Your Holiday Decorations.  I was very happy to share these on Breakfast Television Vancouver last week.  
For those of you who have kids (and therefore toys), I provide some suggestions on how to get your adult space back in my post Quick Tips to Keeping a Living Room Formal.

Real estate was huge topic again in 2016.   If you are considering downsizing, be sure to read my article 4 Reasons to Move into a Small Living Space.  There are some great bonuses to living micro!
And finally, have a look at Do. Or do not. Jedi Master of Time Management again.  With the new Star Wars movie out, I thought this previous business organizing article would be a great fit for January.

Happy New Year and happy reading! Until next month…


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